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Mean odds of 2 to 1 suggest the bookies collectively think this reflects fair odds for that outcome. But 5 to 1 offers higher returns should the outcome materialise. The team used the historical data to work out the optimal distance from the mean odds — the one that would give a positive payout for the largest number of games.

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When they applied their strategy in a simulation, they made a return of 3. Making bets randomly resulted in a loss of 3. Then the team decided to try betting for real. They developed an online tool that would apply their odds-averaging formula to upcoming football matches. When a favourable opportunity arose, a member of the team would email Kaunitz and his wife, one of whom then placed a bet. For those interested in perfoming their own analysis with the dataset we provide two sql databases. Both are provided in the form of sql dumps exported from mysql databases:.

Historical closing odds and match information for , football matches from to for leagues around the world.

The csv file is a matrix of games rows x features teams, scores, league, etc. See the matlab scripts for a description of the features. Continuous odds series series of odds with odds movements and match information for 31, football matches from September until March for leagues around the world.

Continuous odds series series of odds with odds movements and match information for 82, football matches from March until November for leagues around the world.

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For those interested in working with the dataset we provide php and sql scripts to generate the csv files used in the paper. Ignore Learn more. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up.

Branch: master New pull request. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio Latest commit 3c88cc2 Sep 30, Although you could still get lucky and lose your first couple of bets and not have to bother with the wagering, which would make this offer still worth trying. Yes you can understand the break-even condition is 10x WR in this case.

Generally, you may decide not to go for the offer that requires over 10x WR. In fact I myself have never seen, thus almost all welcome offers are psitive EV means completely risk free. There are many types of offers because bookies strive to create unique offers to attract existing players to boost betting. This is typical Football reload offer.

And there is no guarantee of the match finishes draw.

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So, how do we assess if it has a value. You can use our standard formula of. Just another example. This time, let me assess the value from a bit different way.

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So, 4. You will receive these refund offers almost every day. For weekend you can place 10 such bets easily and it takes less than 1 hour once you get used to do it. Surely, you can apply these methods to the Promotion Driven bookmakers. But, remember, it will accelerate the speed of being gubbed account restriction especially for sports arbitrage.

If you keep taking too much value from the bookmakers, you may most likely to be gubbed, means your betting account will be restricted. Although I said there seems to be no strong reason that soft bookies will change promotion drive model drastically, the rapid popularity of matched betting looks changing the climate gradually. Means, the matched betting could be more short-lived down the road.

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Some is not tolerant during the 5 losing streak. Are you Aussie aware of it? I would really like Australian colleagues to read this report. Anyway, see the below chart for the details;. They pay out to customers smaller than the actual chance of the event happening. As a result they will make guaranteed money in long term even they lose in occasional huge jackpot because they own a mathematical edge. With advantage plays we use, we are able to take this edge away from them and give ourselves the edge. No more lose, guys, let Start to Beat The Bookies in sure way.

As explained, if the bookmakers find you as a smart punter, they will fight back by restricting your account. I hope these electronic articles will be valuable as the original Art Of War written on the bamboo plates as you see in the image and help you build extra income stream. You can access to;. All are FREE now, hope you will be impressed with the quality of the program. Posted by Joshua.

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Contents Menu 1. Beat The Bookies — Introduction 1. Advantage Play 1. Beat The Bookies — 2 Analytic Criteria 2. Bookmaker Profit Model 3. Reduced Margin Pricing Model 4. Promotion Driven Bookmakers 4. Continue to read Barcelona Home Win 1. GEM Pinnacle Review.

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