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Philip Blaiberg 24 May — 17 August was a South Africa dentist and the third person to receive a heart transplant. Christiaan Barnard performed the third heart transplant in the world on the 59 year old Blaiberg. Adrian Kantrowitz performed the world's second heart transplant, on a baby in the US, three days after Dr. Barnard performed the first.

1 Year Update: 2nd Heart Surgery

Blaiberg survived the operation, and continued with his life for 19 months and 15 days before dying from heart complications on 17 August In at the age of 45, Blaiberg suffered his first heart attack. He subsequently closed his dental practice and retired to Cape Town. In March , Blaiberg's heart failed, and it appeared that he was dying. The world's first human heart transplant operation was performed months later, on December 3, With the assistance of his brother Marius and 30 others, Dr. Christiaan Barnard performed the nine-hour operation on Louis Washkansky , a year-old man suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

In the times of the apartheid , there was heated debate about the racism that existed in the country. Some even went on to say:.

Blaiberg had a smooth recovery after the successful heart transplant. Days after his operation, he was in good spirits, and had had no serious complications.

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The team of doctors led by Barnard were able to treat him for minor problems that occurred, and the doctors reduced his dosage of immunosuppressive drugs. He died of chronic organ rejection on 17 August And the total days of survival so far of these five patients has been 1, days.

I think that gives you an average survival of days. The success of Blaiberg's transplant led to an immediate increase in the number of doctors performing heart transplants globally. By the end of August , 34 heart transplants had been performed, and by December , hearts had been transplanted into 98 patients.

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For the Heart of Phillip

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