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Women Writers of the Middle Ages
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Medieval Mysticism and Post-Medieval Reception

Are they found in our life here? Why was Egyptian monasticism so influential elsewhere? What were the effects of this influence? What were some of the outstanding characteristics of Palestinian monasticism? To what do you attribute them?

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What do we know of the relationship between monasticism and the local population in Egypt? Asia Minor?

What was the purpose of physical asceticism? Why was it meaningful to people in ancient world, and what was its meaning for them? Why does it speak less to people of our time? Times Atlas of World History , pp Vol I: Origins to the Twelfth Century , Questions for class discussion.

What was the mission of monasticism in the 4th century Church? How did the Holy Spirit work in early monasticism for the upbuilding of the Body of Christ?

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Why were so many bishops monks, or at least monastic in orientation? Which of the types of Eastern monasticism appeals most to you personally, and what reflection of your own ocation do you see in it? Which type s do you consider closest to the Cistercian charism? How is early monasticism a living of the Gospel? To what extent is monasticism rural, rather than urban, in its fundamental nature? What implications does this have for 1 monasteries in our time? Early Christian Monasticism: the Latin West. Reading :. RB , pp Jedin, Vol. II, Lawless, George, OSA.

Augustine of Hippo and His Monastic Rule. Oxford, Clarendon Press, Mohler, James a, SJ. In Sources in Traslation , gen. William C McDermott.

Philadelphia, U of Penn Press, A collection of excerpts from primary sources. Ann Arbor, U of Michigan Press, Chapter I, "Roman Monasticism", pp Rousseau, Philip. Oxford, Oxford U Press, Part Four: Martin of Tours, pp Miquel, Pierre, OSB. Part Five: Cassian, pp Questions for Discussion. To what extent is separation from the world essential to monasticism?

Is it valid to characterize forms of life which include all the major characteristics of monastic life except "anachoresis" as "pre-monastic"? Why do you suppose separation from the world came later than the other aspects of ascetical life? What led to this "separation"? What are some of the characteristics of early Italian monasticism? How do you account for the prominence of women among the Roman monastics?

What roles did writing, literacy, and scholarship play in the growth of monastic life? What was the purpose of monastic rules?

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To what do you attribute the influence, both at the time and for later history, of: St Martin? John Cassian?

St Augustine? Which monastic places and people in the West were most influenced by Egypt? Why were other forms of Eastern monasticism less influential in the West? How did early Western monasticism differ from that in the East? What had they in common? How did the elements of solitude and eremeticism take shape in East and West? What effects did the political and cultural situation of the time have on Western monasticism, and vice versa?

Why did monasticism expand so rapidly? What do we know of women;s monastic life in this era? Has it any distinctive traits?

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Loving God Whatever: Through the Year with Sister Jane (Fairacres Publications Book ) - Kindle edition by Sister Jane, Sister Avis Mary SLG, Jim Cotter. Loving God Whatever: Through the Year with Sister Jane, Community of the Sisters of the Love of God (Fairacres Publications) [Jim Cotter, Sister Avis Mary SLG] on opthropitlasub.tk *FREE* shipping Series: Fairacres Publications (Book ).

How did it develop? Times Atlas , p. Vincent Cronin New York, Paulist, , pp Further Reading:. Has some good historical info, but little if any understanding of, or interest in, mysticism.

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Also very secular in outlook, with some dubious historical claims; seems hardly aware of God. Duckett, Eleanor Shapley. Ch II, "Celtic Monasticism", pp Hart, Patrick. Lehane, B. The Quest of Three Abbots. Pioneers of Ireland's Golden Age. London, John Murray, Rvw E. Brief rvw. O Sabhaois, Ciaran. CSQ 10 , Ryan, J. Irish Monasticis: Origins and Early Development.

Shannon, Irish UP, Fleming, J. Stevens, Clifford. CSQ 23 , CSQ 24 , CSQ 26 , The Lives of the Jura Fathers. Excellent, lengthy intro. What is meant by the "wanderings of the peoples"? What parts of Europe were most affected? How did it affect monasticism? What is the significance of the separation between "jurisdiction" and "power of orders" in the Celtic church?

What implications could this have for us today? What are 3 or 4 of the most significant developments in monasticism of this period?

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What do we know of connections among monasteries or groups of monasteries?