Reinforced Concrete Design with FRP Composites

Distinguished Professor Sami Rizkalla
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Repair or replacement costs associated with concrete degradation and spalling in Australia are huge and are anticipated to increase due to carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, and relative humidity in the coastal region as well as parts of inland Australia.

Reinforced Concrete Design with FRP Composites

For these reasons, fibre reinforced polymer FRP reinforced concrete is increasingly being specified for building infrastructure throughout Australia. This technical workshop will provide practicing engineers and engineering students with the knowledge necessary to design concrete structures with FRP reinforcing bars.

During the day we will cover the analysis, design, serviceability, and durability of concrete structural elements internally reinforced with FRP bars. During the seminar we will look be looking at several case studies of this.

Participants will also be provided an update on global applications and the development of the Australian Standard for the design of concrete structures using FRP. Professor Brahim Benmokrane's work centers on fiber-reinforced-polymer FRP composite materials for civil applications, focusing on durability, FRP reinforcing-bar technology for concrete structures, and development of new design codes and standards.

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Fiber reinforced polymers FRPs are considered to be a promising alternative to steel reinforcement, especially in concrete structures subjected to an aggressive environment or to the effects of electromagnetic fields. Although attempts to develop effective reinforcement have been followed, the application of FRPs remains limited by the solution to simple structural problems that mainly appear due to the absence of design codes, significant variation in the material properties of FRP composites and limited knowledge gained by engineers as regards the application aspects of FRP composites and structural mechanics of concrete elements reinforced with FRPs.

The report also revises the manufacturing process, material properties, the application area and design peculiarities of concrete elements reinforced with FRP composites. Along the focus on internal reinforcement, the paper overviews recent practices of applying FRP reinforced concrete RC elements in structural engineering.

The review highlights the main problems restricting the application of FRPs in building industry and reveals the problematic issues related to the material properties of the FRP important for designing RC following the formulation of targets for further research. Skip to Main Content.

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Although the use of composites has increased in many industrial, commercial, medical, and defense applications, there is a lack of technical literature that examines composites in conjunction with concrete construction. Fulfilling the need for a comprehensive, explicit guide, Reinforced Concrete Design with FRP Composites presents specific information necessary for designing.

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Durability: Aging of Composites. Strengthening of Structural Members. Bond and Development Length.

Serviceability: Deflection and Crack-Width. Du kanske gillar.

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