Taking Your iPhone 4 to the Max

Did you just get your iPhone XS? Do these 10 things first!
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After you get past the Hello, Language and Country screens, you'll arrive at Quick Start, where you are told that bringing your current iPhone close to clone it. Don't do this. Wirelessly cloning your old phone to the new can take forever, especially if you've got many gigabytes of goods to transfer. If you're new to the iPhone X series, gone is the familiar fingerprint-reading Home button.

Instead, your face is the security key to unlock your phone. Getting your new iPhone XS to recognize you is simple. When you're prompted, just roll your head around until the detection circle on the screen is filled, then repeat. Not only will your face now awaken your iPhone, but you'll be able to create both an Animoji or, new to iOS12, a Memoji , respectively a cartoon figure or personalized representation of your own face to send animated voice messages in iMessage.

Choose the second item: Restore from iTunes.

Choose the second, "Restore from this backup," choose the backup you just made from the drop-down menu and hit Continue. There you can select your email service and enter your username and password. Otherwise, new entries will automatically be saved into your Apple Calendar and Contacts and will not sync with your Google Calendar and Contacts.

5 Ways to Sell or Trade In Your Old iPhone

First, try calling or texting someone from your new iPhone. If said call or text fails, that means you have to activate your new phone. Calling your carrier and having them make the switch could take a few hours to go through. It may be simpler to simply switch the SIM card from your old iPhone to the new one. In iTunes, once the backup is completed, you'll be returned to the Summary page.

1. Upgrade Your Current Gear

Since you transferred your old settings to the new phone, the name of your old phone was transferred with it. This way, in case of emergency i. If you had music stored on your old phone and you backed up to iTunes on your computer, your music might not have loaded on your new iPhone. Then go back to iTunes on your PC, click on Music directly below Summary in the left sidebar and you'll see your iTunes music syncing options. Here are six settings you should check now.

iPhone 11 Pro

From the Lock screen or Home screen, slide the screen to the right, and the notifications panel appears. The way you had these configured on your old iPhone — if you had them configured or even knew these were there — will be transferred to your new iPhone. On this swipe-right Notifications page, you'll find widgets that pull and lists quick-glance information from and quick access to a variety of both Apple and non-Apple apps — Calendar, Weather, News, Stocks, the new Screen Time app , which lets you track yours and your kid's phone usage, etc.

If you've never seen this page before, scroll down to the bottom and tap Edit to select which widgets run on your Lock screen and in what order you want them listed. The information in regular Notifications — calls, texts and so on — is now more in-depth and interactive. You can now read and respond to text messages, among other tasks, even from the Lock screen.

There, you can select specific types of Lock Screen Notifications for each app.

Understanding your options

But this Lock Screen access convenience should be balanced by privacy and security — your Notifications are now easier for someone else to access. I too have taken perfect care with it… I have talked to two other people with similar issues. That said, there is a significant difference between these kinds of tests and daily wear and tear and there does seem to be a serious issue with iPhone 11 display.

This kind of wear, for example, is not natural. All of which makes for uncomfortable timing. Just last month, Apple introduced a new policy of pushing lockscreen warnings to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max if their displays are replaced anywhere except an official Apple supplier.

Even if official batteries are used, all unofficial repairs will also result in a warning notification for users. It also sets up the potential for a new clash between Apple and Right to Repair advocates. Yes, your loyalty to Apple and the size of your bank account will determine how much these reports concern you.

How to begin setting up your new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max

Wi-Fi or Cellular App Connectivity You also have an option about how your apps connect to the Internet when you're actively using them. Then, launch the Apple Watch app on your new iPhone XS, which will walk you through the pairing process including setting a passcode, unlocking behavior, and Apple Pay. Getting your new iPhone XS to recognize you is simple. Using the iPhone 11's new Night Mode is something you really don't have to think about. Now, in order to turn off your device, you have two options with the buttons. If it's yellow, that means Night Mode is active.

For while product recalls seem unlikely, Apple quietly tweaking its new iPhone displays would not be a surprise in the slightest. Follow Gordon on Facebook. Close an app: If you need to kill an app from the app switcher, simply swipe up on it. Take a screenshot: Simply press the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

There are lots of other new commands and gestures to learn.

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If you're upgrading from a Plus-model iPhone, you already know about Portrait Mode in the camera app. Just launch the Camera app and select Portrait from the camera modes at the bottom of the screen, and then swipe through the different lighting options.

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The iPhone X introduced Portrait Mode on the front-facing camera, so unless you're upgrading from that, it will be a new feature for you on the iPhone XS. No, that glass back is for wireless charging support. If you have one of those laying around, all you have to do is set your iPhone onto the pad and watch it start to power up.

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Say goodbye to the jumble of Lightning cables on your bedside table! Of course, you can charge your iPhone XS via Lightning if you want to. In fact, this is still the fastest way to charge your phone, provided you use the right adapter and cable.

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  • 1. Upgrade Your Current Gear!
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We tested all the official Apple power adapters along with some third-party choices, and found that the 12W iPad adapter is the sweet spot between price and performance. Animoji are cool, but iOS 12 takes them to the next level with Memoji.

The Very, Very Complete Guide to Productivity, Focus, and Your Own Longevity

If you're one of the many who have just gotten Apple's new iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or Pro Max, you need to get all of the apps and data from your old iPhone onto your new one. about six minutes; a well-used iPhone with lots of apps and data on it will probably take much longer. How to get the best deal 4. Get a quick take on the differences. Which iPhone is right for you? Up to 20 hours of video playback; Water resistant to a depth of 4 meters for up to 30 Max have a rating of IP68 under IEC standard (maximum depth of 4 meters up to.

If the iPhone XS is your first iPhone with a the TrueDepth front camera system, it's your first opportunity to build your cartoon avatar. Start by opening the Messages app, and then stating a new message or opening an existing thread. We have a step-by-step Memoji guide to walk you through the process.

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How to Set Up Your New iPhone

He aims to figure out how complicated technology works and explain it in a way anyone can understand. Table of Contents 1. Back up and restore 2. Update your old iPhone, then use Quick Start 3.