The Signs of The Times: Forerunning The Kingdom of Christ, and Evidencing When It Is Come

Did the Romans Invent Christmas?
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When "the single course of our earthly life" is completed, we shall not return to other earthly lives: "It is appointed for men to die once. Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left And even though it's late, it's going to go on for seven days anyway so it's The "Feast of Pentecost" will be done away with on account of its fulfillment. Different religious families have come into existence in which spiritual resources are multiplied for the progress in holiness of their members and for the good of the entire Body of Christ. The pouring out of the Holy Spirit on the day of pentecost.

The Roman state cancelled executions and refrained from declaring war during the festival. Pagan Roman authorities tried to curtail Saturnalia; Emperor Caligula AD sought to restrict it to five days, with little success.

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XXIV. After this manner the Kingdom of God and his Chrift, shall come to be made manifest. Blefsed are those that shall stand in the Lot of this Age and Time. Actual the signs of the times forerunning the kingdom of christ and evidencing when it is come pdf ebooks. Find the signs of the times forerunning the kingdom of.

The poet Statius AD 95 , in his poem Silvae , describes the lavish banquet and entertainments Domitian presided over, including games which opened with sweets, fruit and nuts showered on the crowd and featuring flights of flamingos released over Rome. Shows with fighting dwarves and female gladiators were illuminated, for the first time, into the night. The conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity in AD ended Roman persecution of Christians and began imperial patronage of the Christian churches.

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The poet Ambrosius Theodosius Macrobius wrote another Saturnalia , describing a banquet of pagan literary celebrities in Rome during the festival. Classicists date the work to between AD and , so it describes a Saturnalia alive and well under Christian emperors. This suggests it had by then become just another popular carnival.

Christmas apparently started — like Saturnalia — in Rome, and spread to the eastern Mediterranean. The earliest known reference to it commemorating the birth of Christ on December 25th is in the Roman Philocalian calendar of AD Provincial schisms soon resulted in different Christian calendars. The Philocalian calendar also states that December 25th was a Roman civil holiday honouring the cult of sol invicta.

With its origins in Syria and the monotheistic cult of Mithras, sol invicta certainly has similarities to the worship of Jesus. The cult was introduced into the empire in AD by Emperor Aurelian , who effectively made it a state religion, putting its emblem on Roman coins. But despite efforts by later pagan emperors to control Saturnalia and absorb the festival into the official cult, the sol invicta ended up looking very much like the old Saturnalia.

Devout Christians will be reassured to learn that the date of Christmas may derive from concepts in Judaism that link the time of the deaths of prophets being linked to their conception or birth. Skip to main content. Published Also contains a treatment on the First Resurrection and the Kingdom of Christ. Jane answers the question What happens to the soul Christian and non-Christian upon departure from this life?

She explains that the various states or stages one enters is dependent upon the spiritual state of the soul at the time of natural death. This eye-opening account will encourage Christians to attend to those things that are important while we remain in this life. Jane also touches on the universal restoration of the entire lapsed creation. Full title: The Enochian Walks with God, found out by a Spiritual-Traveler, whose face toward Mount-Zion above was set, with an experimental account of what was known, seen, and met withal there.

Jane expands on the subjection of full restitution of man. The Everlasting Gospel is one of love, peace and good will toward all. She informs us that this full restitution includes the fallen angels, yes, and even Lucifer himself. Jane also responds to several objections made concerning to this Gospel of Love. A Fountain of Gardens Vol. Here Jane meticulously describes, through visions and parables, the process of the soul toward the mystical death of the inward Body of Sin. A Fountain of Gardens, Vol.

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Fountain of Gardens, Vol. Spiritual journal entries for the years Published in She explains the process of the soul toward union with God through the fourfold mystical death.

The stages are death, resurrection, ascension and glorification. Her other works build upon the base that she establishes here. Also contains four poems written by Mrs. Rules of conduct for the soul that has entered into Paradise, presented as a Decalogue, which was delivered to Jane by Wisdom personified.

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The Beast then counters with a Decalogue of his own, which are designed to draw the soul away from Paradise. Whether in Christ, or out of Christ.

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The seventh or Philadelphian church represents the pure Virgin Church, of which David was a type. Third Message: Directed to her beloved Flock, Jane again addresses the fallen state of the Several Churches dispersed throughout the whole Earth. This version is especially important because it features many corrections to the previous version, including misspellings, transcription errors, and archaic language.

She added new material to those sections where she felt it necessary to clarify what she wrote in the original. It also includes a Preface by the Author, an Appendix in which she answers 16 questions presented to her, and 40 Propositions that were given to assist her readers in understanding this mystical commentary. The which have not hitherto so far been brought forth to light except by the Spiritual Discerner to any degree of Satisfaction, as to the understanding of the grand Mystery.

The original English version has been lost for over years. A continuation of the treatment found in Ascent to the Mount of Vision concerning the coming of the Kingdom of Christ, with various signs to watch for.