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Are you in a state of sin or are you in the loving peace and care of Christ? God calls us to be set free from sin and live free. So will you accept God's gift or grace or will you hold onto what you think is right?

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Are you feeling lukewarm about your faith and about going to church? Do you want to renew that first-love passion you once had with Jesus? Pastor Doug. Do you want to renew that first-love passion you once had with Jesus? Pastor Doug shares 12 ways that you can reignite that spark of faith with Gods help!

Message Summary Abiding in Christ will keep you from the wicked one for God wants us to understand Him and know that we are born of God. Are you born of God? Can you really say, I am His and He is mine? This is the confidence we have in Christ, that Jesus died and rose again by the will of God and in this we who believe are born of God. John writes to us in 1 John 5 concerning who we are in Christ and how we can and do know that we belong to God. So, have you learned that your faith overcomes the world or are you still looking to the things of the world and its wisdom to help you overcome?

Know this, God is yours, you only need to ask and receive Christ, will you?

Seven Steps To Revival, Pt 5 - Witchcraft In Disguise

Message Summary How often do you spread the news of someone you know who is walking in Christ that is having a great impact on others to the strengthening of the faith of many? In Third John the elder Apostle gives us two great examples of men who have kept the faith in unselfishness, impacting many to Christ.

But John also exposes a man who thinks of himself first instead of bringing Christ to light. These people are selfish, prideful and without wisdom, from these put yourself at distance. Do you spread the faith in humility putting the light on Christ or are you keeping the praise for yourself putting light on you?

Message Summary K. Yohannan shares his passion on Living for Eternity. Particularly he explains some of the very important lessons he's learn while their church was in a tent for four years. He used these verses during his message: Philippians ; 1 Timothy ; Deuteronomy ; 1 Peter ; 1 Peter ; Psalm Message Summary I. Respect II.

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Cultivate III. Message Summary Who is Jesus? Lee Strobel tackles this question in his message, "The Case for the Real Jesus," looking at the biblical and historical evidence of who Jesus really was and His divine purpose on earth. In a time where the identity and message of Jesus is under constant attack, this message focuses on rediscovering the truth of our Savior. We turned our Bibles to 2 Peter to read the scripture and hear from Pastor Raul in a message titled, "Why do we have to repent?

Jesus: In Disguise vv. Message Summary Three aspects of faith; 1 Going out, not knowing where you're going v8 2 Staying out in faith v14 3 Stepping out in faith.

Message Summary Have you experienced the Lord's work through you in unexpected ways? The world around us is hurting and hungry. In this message, we'll explore what it means to be salt and light to those around us and learn to be ready for "The Unexpected Adventure. Message Summary Have you ever felt alone, totally abandoned? While we may feel that way from time to time, we have never truly been forsaken, because Jesus endured it on our behalf.

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Alone on the cross, forsaken by the Father, suffering at the hands of sinners, Jesus sacrificed his life for those who tormented Him. How will you respond to Him? Message Summary How important is a Biblical worldview? Is it really necessary for Christians to consider life in light of the Bible? In this message from Sean McDowell, we'll examine the troublesome trend of evangelical teens exiting the church and the importance of loving the Lord with all your mind.

Message Summary What assurance do you have that you'll go to heaven? What is required to receive eternal life? Church membership and religious symbols can offer a false sense of spiritual security, but in this message from guest speaker Franklin Graham we'll hear a clear and concise explanation of God's plan of salvation. We'll hear about Nicodemus and his conversation with Jesus under the cover of night and we'll learn about God's love and forgiveness for all who are willing to come.

Message Summary False thoughts, false worship, and false gods - in a vision from God, Ezekiel was brought face to face with the flagrant idolatry plaguing ancient Israel. It had crept into the temple of God and the hearts of His people, and their spiritual condition demanded radical action. Join us as we uncover the roots of idolatry and discover that its long shadow reaches into the church and even our own hearts.

Message Summary In an era of skepticism and doubt, the resurrection comes under continual attack, but it's not an issue exclusive to our culture and time. From the beginnings of the faith, the resurrection has been challenged, although it is one of the best documented events in history. Can the dead come back to life? Let's explore the evidence, and the consequences of this essential doctrine or our faith. Message Summary Jesus spoke in parables to reveal truth to believers; He revealed heavenly truth through the earthly stories.

In this message, we examine Jesus' Parable of the Soils, where Jesus addresses how the good news is rejected or received. Let's look at the telling, the reason, the explanation and the power of the story, and be challenged to have well-watered, weed-free hearts, that are ready to receive the implanted Word. Message Summary Where can you find a lasting satisfaction? How can you overcome your inadequacies? How can you extend hope to the hopeless? Learn God's plan and purpose for your life, and have an eternal impact on those around you when you walk in obedience to His calling.

Let's take a look at the faith and failings of Gideon, and learn to see as God sees. Message Summary Why is biblical geography important? Is the Genesis narrative of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah accurate? Join us for an update from Dr. Stephen Collins about his recent excavations at Tall el-Hammam in Jordan, and why he believes he has located the biblical Sodom. Message Summary What do you do with the problem of pain? Why does God allow evil to exist, and why do bad things happen to good people? Let's take a look at the sovereign will and the permissive will of God and gain a greater understanding of God's providence and the promise of His working all things to work together for good in the lives of His children.

Message Summary Difficult circumstances can result in bitterness. In this message from Lamentations 3, Dr. Ross Rhoads brings us a reality check. We'll consider the heart of God in allowing us to suffer consequences, and take into account the goodness revealed in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Message Summary The idea of sharing the truth about sin, and even the hope of the gospel, is paralyzing to some. We are all responsible for evangelism, so let's consider our high calling and the cost others may pay if fear hinders us from fulfilling the Great Commission.

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What are we afraid of? Message Summary Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have struggled with temptation. Perhaps we are tempted to lie, or gossip, or maybe it's physical lust that draws us away.

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If God isn't to blame, who or what is? Join us as we examine how to face temptation: its source, its course, and how to stand firm when temptation comes our way. Newscasts are replete with stories of greed, violence, and deceit. In this study we will look at what the Bible says about sin—its cause, its consequence and its cure. Message Summary Have you ever thought of running away from God?

Though we may not pack our bags and try to physically flee, many of us try to hide ourselves from His presence.

Let's take a look at the Jonah and learn how God's prepares the prophet and consider His hand of discipline in our own lives. Message Summary Through dark times and in life's shadows, the Lord is with His people. As we examine one of the best-known passages in the Old Testament, we'll learn about the tender care of the Lord in every circumstance.

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Whether we face financial hardships, physical difficulties, or emotional valleys, we are spiritually secure in the hands of the Good Shepherd. Message Summary When the unrighteous prosper, it can be discouraging.

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Why does it seem like the bad guy next door never has any problems? When we struggle with self-pity, we may find that we have taken our eyes off the Lord and have set them squarely on our circumstances.